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5 Common Window Wiper Problems and how to solve them

June 19, 2017

5 Common Window Wiper Problems and how to solve them 

Window wipers are your ticket to clear vision out on the road and often we don’t give them the attention they deserve, waiting for a failure to consider what could be done to ensure longevity. However, chances are if you’re reading this article you have already encountered an issue and are looking for a solution. In which case, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will take a look at 5 common window wiper problems and how to solve them.

Problem #1 – Blades aren’t moving as they should

If your blades aren’t moving, are moving slowly or are not adjusting, it’s likely the wiper motor has failed. First determine whether any blockages may be contributing to the issue, by ruling this out, you will be able to inspect the wiper motor for any obvious faults. If you activate your wipers and are unable to hear a humming or buzzing, your wiper motor is most likely broken. Repairing or replacing a wiper motor is not a particularly hard job, although if worried, you should contact your local mechanic who will be able to fix this issue for a small fee.

Problem #2 – No Fluid

No fluid is almost certain to be the result of one of two causes; you will have either have clogged washer nozzles or no fluid left in the reservoir. Determine whether any cracks or leaks contributed to the reservoir being drained quicker than expected and either refill your current reservoir or replace with a new one if needed. Clogged washer nozzles are a relatively easy fix. Use a pin to clear any blockages immediately inside of the nozzle, being careful not to pierce the internal hoses or lose the pin inside.

Problem #3 – Blades are smearing or shuttering

If your blades are smearing or shuttering, it’s likely your wiper blades are torn, cracked or deteriorating in some fashion. Brittle or damaged blades will be unable to clean your windows to an adequate level resulting in poor vision during inclement weather. To fix this issue a new set of blades or refills are required depending on the style of wiper your car has. Trico offers a number of refills to suit all budgets and wiper styles. Trico Hybrid refills suit Hybrid Beam style wipers whilst the Premium and NuVision Refills cater for traditional style wipers.

Problem #4 – Water Beads

Beading water traditionally means it’s easier to clear than normal, although if water is beading and not being removed by wipers it’s due to a buildup of oil and residue that wipers are unable to adequately clear. In order to negate this issue, regularly clean both your windscreen and wipers, removing the dirt and residue that builds up over time.

Problem #5 – Wiper Arms are loose

If your wiper arms are loose it is likely that the pivot nuts are loose. Wiper pivot nuts are the small nut that ensures the wiper arm is tightly connected to the motor and operating mechanism. Locate the nut at the base of the wiper arm and gently tighten using a socket wrench. This will ensure your wiper blades are making firm contact with the windscreen at all times. 

Like most things automotive, it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive, which will significantly lower the chance of being caught out with any issues when you least expect them.