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Beam Blades - The Future of Wiper Blades

April 27, 2017

Wiper blade technology has not progressed a whole lot since their invention in 1903, with the same conventional design being par for the course on most new cars up until recently. Manufacturers have begun to shift from traditional style blades and refills in favour of a sleek new beam blade assembly. There are a number of reasons why the newer style blade beam assemblies are featuring on most new cars and are popping up in countless auto stores and in this article we will take a look at them.

In the past traditional wiper assemblies have been known to struggle cleaning the whole windscreen, often leaving streak marks or completely missing areas due to a lack of contact. However, as a result of their sturdy, one piece design; beam blade wiper assemblies have infinite pressure points offering uniform contact. This means that at every windscreen point the blade comes in contact with will receive a consistent clean in all weather conditions – ice and snow will cause little issues for beam blade wiper assemblies.

Due to the sleeker, aerodynamic design of beam blade assemblies, significant improvements have been made in regards to wind lift. Wind lift occurs when your window wipers are exposed to high wind levels which may occur as a result of high speeds, cross winds and high wind in storms. Wind lift can damage your wipers and impede their ability to effectively clean your window in inclement weather conditions. Beam blade assemblies have been designed in a way that will not only combat wind lift; they will also fit the highly curved windscreens of modern cars.

Durability has long been the issue with older style window wipers, however with beam blades, due to their engineered one piece design, beam blade assemblies are able to cope with the harshest of conditions without experiencing significant wear and tear. The Trico Force Wiper Blades have been designed to cope with winds of up to 240kph via their patented swept-wing spoiler that works to slice through heavy wind.

Founded in 1917, Trico have long been the industry leader in wiper blade products, offering a number of durable and high quality products for a host of applications. The Trico Tech Wiper Blade offers exceptional performance, durability & adaptability through the cleverly designed “SWIFT” easy connection technology.

Next time you’re in the market for a new set of wiper blades, be sure to consider an upgrade to a beam blade assembly.