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Causes of wear and tear for window wipers

February 15, 2017

Window wipers are one of the most pivotal safety features on any car; being the key to having unobstructed vision of the road that lay ahead. There are a number of causes of wear and tear for window wipers, as well as a number ways that poor wiper rubbers will negatively affect your visibility. In this article we will list a couple of reasons why window wipers stop performing at an optimal level, and talk about a few signs that your window wipers may be malfunctioning.

A dirty windscreen is at times inevitable, although in most cases as a car owner you should be able to recognise when your windscreen is in need of a clean. A dry and dirty windscreen will increase the chances of wiper blades getting caught, torn or nicked by small stones or dirt during use. Not only will this increase the chance of wiper damage, you are almost sure to damage your windscreen to some extent.  

It is important to ensure your wiper reservoir is kept full at all times to decrease the chances of your wipers coming into contact with a dry and dirty windscreen. If your wiper reservoir is full and water isn’t coming out, you should check the nozzles for any clogs, and failing that it may be worth investing in a new windscreen washer pump. For optimal wipe performance and road grime clearing, add Trico Vision washer additive at every fop up, also keeping your wiper system lubricated.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning windscreen wiper are fairly obvious. You will begin to see the wipers streaking and smudging the windscreen whilst making unusual noises. Eventually you will notice irregular movements in the wiper blade mechanisms, which in most cases will be in the form of stuttering or not holding the blades firmly and evenly against the windscreen. Ragged or distorted blades will also be a telltale sign of a blade that is due for replacement.

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