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Change The Blade - Why you need to change your blades.

October 28, 2018

Along with buying a house, buying a new car can be one that brings the most satisfaction. After the stress and headache of dealing with various dealerships and staff, the negotiation, and the offers of aftermarket, the day of delivery when you eye off a brand new, shiny, comes along. A deep sigh of relief, a deep sigh of appreciation, and the nervousness then flows in about the drive home.

Time passes and it’s become obvious that the windscreen isn’t looking as clear and clean as it used to. Although it’s been washed it still looks…off. An inspection of the wiper blades reveals that they’re tatty, dull looking, and perhaps even a little broken up after becoming brittle. So what to do?

Head out to your local car spare parts shop and ask about Trico wiper blades, that’s what. Why? Simple. Wiper blades do more than simply remove rain from obscuring your vision whilst driving. When in their best condition, the blades are soft, meaning they’ll move across the glass easier. This helps in picking up the unseen dirt, dust, and naturally produced particles that can, if left untouched, slowly grind and scratch the glass.

Compare a windscreen of a car that has been looked after as opposed to one that doesn’t receive the TLC it deserves. A dirty, pitted, windscreen makes forward vision more difficult than a clean screen does, and heading into sunlight a phenomenon called “scattering” occurs.  Also, if a screen is quite dirty and the screen is pitted, the normal method of engaging the wipers and washer fluid will do little more than spread the embedded particles further across the screen.

However the most obvious sign of the wipers failing is how much rain is removed when used. Older and less efficient blades simply won’t remove as much under the same conditions as blades in good condition. Older blades can also scratch the screen microscopically and as time goes by those microscopic scratches can become more and more visible, damaging both the blades and screen even more.

An important point is the type of blade and the mounting point it has. Trico’s range of blades have both the different lengths and the varying mounting points to suit the OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer fitted piece.

As an example, of of Trico’s products is called Trico Clear. It comes with an eight point mount and a central pivot attachment point. The lengths vary from 12 to 24 inches and the rubber is coated with HighGlide for quieter and smoother motion across the screen. For longer life the rubber is also UV stabilized.

Trico also have blades for older and vintage cars. Check the Trico website and look for the blade that may suit.

All Trico products can be found on our website and there are tips and hints on how to check the blades, swap them over, and even find the right replacement for your car. Let us know how trico blades have improved your vision, and keep up to date by following us on social media and here on the blog.