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Defrosting Windscreens

May 22, 2018

In Australia, the relatively mild average climate conditions means windscreens here are less prone to needing defrosting compared to Northern Hemisphere countries.

But, it does happen, and on a brisk morning it’s too easy to cause damage to the screen, the seals, or worse, to yourself.

Some people believe that throwing warm to hot water onto a frosted over windscreen is the best way. However, that sudden temperature change can potentially crack the glass or perhaps damage the seals.

Other methods include using scrapers. These can help but if held at the wrong angle can scratch the glass, slip into the seals, and again could potentially cause damage to the person doing so.

One proven and safe method is to use a windscreen cleaner that’s formulated to work at sub-zero temperatures, formulated to not damage seals and paintwork, and can be used inside a car yet not damage the plastics or material.

Trico, a leading maker of windscreen related products, has Trico Vision Washer Additive and Trico Glass Cleaner. In areas where windscreens are prone to frosting over, it’s not recommended to try and use the car’s wiper blades to move ice off. On the outside, a spray bottle with the Trico Glass Cleaner would be a great starting point. Some carefully measured sprays onto the wiper blade location and on the inside, a judicious spray and cleaned with a new micro-fibre cloth. Here the car’s defrosting mechanism can be used and a good tip is to not put the fan on full blast.

By using the Trico Glass Cleaner, the mixture will help remove the frost without damage, remove any lingering ground in dirt, and inside will leave a freshly cleaned impression thanks to its lightly scent.

Better still, Trico Glass Cleaner is easy on the pocket and comes in a large 750mL bottle, meaning there’s plenty to help keep frosty windscreens at bay.

Trico are one of the globe’s biggest manufacturers of wiper blades and automotive glass cleaning products. Our website has information on our comprehensive range of products.