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How To Get More Life From Your Wiper Blades

December 03, 2017

How to get more life from your wiper blades 

Avoid operating your wipers when they are dry. 

Your windshield wipers have been designed to use when wanting to remove rain, liquid, moisture along with other substances. However, as you may have found out, they were not designed to be used on a dry windshield. That irritating noise you may sometimes hear are indications of forced friction between the wipers and the windshield. This will rapidly reduce the lifespan of your wipers. If you do need to urgently operate the wipers, most vehicles come with an activation setting that will spray the windshield with a liquid. 

Keep your wipers clean 

It’s a pretty well known fact that regular maintenance and cleaning increases duration and longevity. Whilst operating your wipers do a great job of keeping them clean, small debris, waxes and rubber that accumulate on the wipers themselves can affect the wipers edge, leading to a decrease in performance. To minimize this problem, use ammonia free glass cleaner, washer additive or rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe your blade components of contaminants. 

Keep your Windscreen Clean 

More often than not, there are some things your wipers can’t manage to get. Small pieces of debris and grit may sometimes drastically reduce the rubber on your wiper blades. One effective way of extending wiper longevity is simply to use the windscreen washing tools (squeegee) each time you fill up at the petrol station. This way it makes it easier for you to remember.  

Use a safe additive 

It might also be worth looking into adding some washer fluid in the mix. This option tends to be fairly cheap and offers an easy and manageable way to keep your windshield and wiper blades lasting longer.  At Trico, we have our specially formulated Trico Vision Washer Additive which offers a great number of benefits for your wipers and windscreen. By using our product it helps dissolve tough road grime, removes bugs from the windscreen, plus can extend the life of your wipers. You can be sure your paint stays in pristine condition as our Washer Additive is ammonia free. 

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