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Looking after your window washers

May 16, 2017

Looking after your window washers  

Keeping your windscreen clean is a vital aspect to safe driving. There are a number of factors that contribute to a clean windscreen including high quality blades, a clean fluid reservoir and functioning washer nozzles. Without all of these functioning properly your windscreen will be left dirty and likely to sustain damage. In this article we will take a look at how to look after your window washers.

Firstly, check your wipers for any signs of deterioration; any excessive dryness, cracks or breaks will severely hinder the performance of your wiper blades. A quality wiper blade such as Trico’s Nu-Vision range will ensure you get a high quality product at an economical price. Nu-Vision blades are constructed of high-impact plastic to combine strength with low cost.

Next, take a look at your washer fluid reservoir for any build-up of gunk or dirt which will clog the system, resulting in no fluid reaching your windscreen. Look for cracks, leaks or breaks in any of the plastic or rubber hoses that are connected to the washer reservoir and if necessary, add more washer fluid to the reservoir. It is important to consistently check fluid levels in the reservoir, as the fluid is essential to keeping a clean windscreen and clear vision in times of inclement weather or difficult driving conditions.

Then move on to the washer nozzles on the bonnet of your car. If clogged, use a pin to gently unclog the area immediately inside each nozzle, making sure not to break or lose the pin inside the nozzle. If this does not fix any blockages, check the hoses between the reservoir and the nozzles, using an air compressor to clear out any dirt or gunk.

The washer pump is the last remaining part that may be contributing to washer issues. When your washers are activated, if you can’t hear a humming or buzzing, it is likely your washer pump is broken. For most, replacement will mean a trip down to the mechanic, although if you’re comfortable with tinkering, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues replacing a washer pump.

So, there you go; a basic guide to maintaining the many aspects of your window washers. Be sure to be proactive in maintaining this area of your car, as these things tend have a habit of failing at the worst possible time!