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The Difference Between Wiper Blades and Refills

March 15, 2017

Windscreen wipers are one of the least appreciated and absolutely essential items on your car. We don’t typically notice our wipers at all until they start playing up – leaving streaks or making horrible noises. At this point you will need to make a decision as to which wiper option is best for you and you will have two options; you can choose to replace just the rubber insert or the whole mechanism. Both have pros and cons and this article will help you make the decision on which wiper blade option is best for you.

The cheaper windscreen wiper replacement option is to replace only the rubber insert, or refill. This thin length of rubber is the only part of the wiper that actually comes into contact with your windscreen and often costs around $10-15AUD a pack. The issue with refills is that they can be quite fiddly to replace, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Before purchasing a refill, be sure to know what size you require as well as the style of connector your blade mechanism currently has. Trying to fit either the wrong sized refill or a refill with the wrong style of connector will be the source of endless frustration. As the complete wiper will also wear out over time, replacing the rubber only may just mask larger issues. The problems encountered when replacing wiper blade refills has led to many preferring to go the more expensive route and replace the whole wiper mechanism.

Replacing the wiper mechanism or ‘blade’ is fast becoming the preferred option for many. The process of replacing the whole wiper mechanism is much easier, and for many worth the extra cost. The price of a new wiper blade depends on the car on which it is going, although will typically be in the range of $20-40 AUD each.

If purchasing a new set of blades, make sure you are aware of the style of blade that’s being replaced. Newer models in particular will often feature beam-style factory fitted wiper blades that may not be cross compatible with traditional style wiper blades. Blades such as the TRICO Exact Fit Hybrid allow you to restore your vehicles wipers to a factory level quality, providing high level performance in all weather conditions. The Exact Fit Hybrid comes in a range of different sizes to suit many different car makes and models.

So the next time you notice your wipers are looking a little worse for wear, head down to the auto shop with the knowledge you need to purchase the right set of wipers or refills.