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The Great Aussie Road Trip

March 28, 2018

Trico Wiper Blades – The Great Aussie Road Trip

It seems to be something that resonates with drivers, doesn’t it? ROAD TRIP! There’s the raising of the pulse, the excited poring over a map, the suggestions of where to stay and where to eat. And then there’s the car. Tyres need to be checked, last week’s fast food containers need to be chucked out, there’s packing to be done.

Whoops. Hang on. Haven’t we forgotten something? Fuel? Check. Bags packed? Check. Kids strapped in and playing games on their tablet? Check. How about the windscreen?

Ah. And here’s when the penny drops for many. Cars are fitted with fold down panels to help shade our eyes from the sun at certain angles, there’s a pump in the engine bay to spray washer fluid onto the windscreen, and there’s a lever attached to the steering column that magically makes a couple of things sway back and forth across the screen.

Windscreen wipers. Most of them are made from rubber, the same stuff your tyres are made of. Some are made of silicon but the end result is that they’ll work with that spray and clear the screen of dirt, dust, and rain.

In dry conditions you should be able to see through your windscreen as easily as looking at anything. If there’s a grey haze inside, some appropriate cleaning fluid and cloth should be employed. Outside is just as important.

Older wipers can be less flexible, brittle even, and more prone to trapping microscopic particles which can scratch the screen. You can test this by folding up the wiper arm and feeling the wiper material. Is it soft, flexible? Or is it hard and rough?

 Trico wiper blades come in a wide range to suit many vehicles from passenger cars & SUVs, to trucks and busses, including rear wiper applications too. Trico wiper blades will effectively remove water as well as dirt and dust from your windscreen with the water washers. Be sure to add some ammonia free washer fluid to your water reservoir before your trip, this will help to remove squashed bugs and road grime.

On a road trip you want to be able to know that your wipers will stay on the screen at speed. Trico’s design and development process continually refine their products to ensure that in high winds and in all driving conditions they’ll stay in contact with your vehicle’s scree. Trico Force wiper blades are rated up to 240kph. This is critical in providing clear vision and safety when you need it the most by having unobstructed vision, especially in a rainstorm.

Contrary to some common thoughts, wiper blades are a simple DIY item. Trico have videos online to help fit your vehicle wiper arm and blade type, so you can view this on your mobile phone next to your car. Modern beam blades are designed for better aerodynamics and for high curvature windscreens, making them the preferred choice for many. If your car is less than 10 yours old, chances are they are fitted already.

For the Great Aussie Road Trip there’s plenty of things you can do to have a safe trip. Looking forward clearly is one of them. Make Trico one of your travelling companions for a safe trip.