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Trico - 2019 New Car Tech Talk

May 28, 2019

Every day it seems that there is something new in the technology world. Be it a smart speaker for streaming music or getting instructions on how to make a cake, the latest in television tech, or a better set of cameras for a smart phone, there is one thing in common. Very little of these new fangled thingamabobbees seem to mention the word “car”.

  1. Voice Control/Activation. There is a limited amount of voice control in cars at the moment. For the most part it’s more aligned with making phone cars in a hands-free environment. At home, though, an “Ok Google” command accesses the world. Google and Apple have a presence in cars in the form of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, however the voice control system from Amazon and found in their Alexa range is becoming the next step. Proper voice controlled integration will have a driver change radio stations, climate control settings, enable navigation, and even remote access home based smart appliances to have, say, lights witched on before arriving home.
  2. Network integration continues to grow and one of the new steps being taken in the field is traffic advice. Although currently sounding like something from a classic scifi film, the intent is to be able to advise a car’s “telematics” system of incidents, crashes, banked up traffic, and propose alternative routes to suit. Well known smart device chip maker Qualcomm has partnered with Ford in the U.S. to develop such technology.
  3. That network integration will come to the entertainment systems. Cars that have roof or headrest mounted screens are effectively stuck with pre-recorded video, such as a DVD or a USB storage device. Live streaming for passengers will bring access to channels such as YouTube, free to air tv, and perhaps even a form of subscription television delivery
  4. Bluetooth technology is fantastic when it works, but many makers still have what consumers see as a convoluted connection process. However a “tap’n’go” connection process is being trailed by Honda. Activate the Bluetooth in the smart device, hold it against a marker in the dash, and Bluetooth is connected.
  5. ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System, allows a car’s driver to steer the car from harm’s way without locking the brakes and skidding. But this still needs human intervention. Companies such as Volvo are working on an autonomous anti-collision system, which will have the on-board safety mechanisms automatically steer the car away from a potential impact with an object such as another vehicle, a pedestrian, or even a large animal that’s made its way onto the road.

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