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Trico - 6 Christmas Gifts for the Automotive Lover In 2018.

December 18, 2018

Christmas in Australia; it’s hot, maybe a day of thunderstorms, but certainly a day of relaxation and a sharing of gifts. But what to get someone that has a love of the car? Here are a few ideas.

Simple, efficient, and allowing freedom, is a good old gift card. Some decry these as not having imagination but an end user can then go and get what THEY want. A gift card can see car care products, CDs for the country drive, even new seat covers for the historic car, being put to good use.

Those that are time poor may get into a car that doesn’t look like it’s been washed, polished, cared for. A great Christmas pressie here is the booking in of the car into a detailing shop. They’ll wash, polish, vacuum, apply where needed those touches to bring the car back to a shiny good look.

Many retailers will have an all in one “bucket”, with polish, car wash, a chamois, and tyre spray. A lot of people love getting one on one with their car, and the all in one bucket gives them everything they’ll need for an hour or so with their four wheeled prize and joy.

Another one for the time poor is a quality service. Cars need maintenance in the form of oil changes, radiator fluid checks, suspension checks, and more. Mum or Dad or any family member that have their hours quite well filled may not always think that niggling rattle is worth checking out. A visit to the service centre for an all around check could be one of the best gifts being given.

Christmas is an ideal period to enjoy the downtime from work and life. There’s rarely anything better than the read of a good book or perhaps an hour or two on the lounge watching a film. There are plenty of books covering almost every aspect of the motoring world, covering cars of all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of great movies as well, ranging from the classic to the modern, and for motorsport enthusiasts, lots of choice from around the world.

The front seat passenger may have noticed that the wiper blades may not be scrubbing water from the glass all that well. A visit to the Trico website to check out our extensive range of new blades will make driving clearer and safer on that post Christmas road trip.

From all of us here at Trico, a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Years. We look forward to reading and seeing what you did for your Christmas on our social media sites.