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Trico Blades – Does It Matter Which Type Of Blades?

November 06, 2019

Cars and trucks can be fed by petrol or diesel. Getting the right fuel is crucial because putting diesel into a petrol car, and vice versa, will break the car’s fuel system, and you’ll be up for a lot of sheckels.

Although seemingly not as vitally important, getting the right wiper blade for your vehicle can make a difference. That difference is between being able to see through a clean screen, or be struggling to view what’s ahead.


Not every blade is the same. Much like buying a Toblerone choccie bar in different lengths, wiper blades are the same. They can be the same length on a manufacturer’s small sedan, longer on an SUV. They can be asymmetrical, meaning the driver’s or passenger’s side can be longer than the other.

Having a blade that is too long will result with one end of the blade going over the windscreen’s barriers and perhaps even clashing with the opposing blade. Too short, and there is less clearance being performed.


Razor blades come in single, double, triple, and more blades. The theory is that the blades following the lead should cut away any growth the first missed, and so on. Wiper blades, as a rule, come with a single blade. For most instances this is ok, purely because at speed they cover the same surface repeatedly, negating a need for more blades. However, there are some blades that have twin strakes, There are others that have a five blade design, with the middle being the main and the two smaller ones on either side taking up the residue on the up and down strokes.

Rubber Versus Silicon

Rubber has been the staple material for decades. However silicon based blades can be longer lasting and more UV resistant. So in cases such as living in Australia’s far north, silicon blades may actually be a better option for longevity and for cleaning prowess as a result.

Mounting Points

Some mounts are based on the centre of the strip that holds the blades. They’re simple, easy to replace, and not always as efficient in clearing moisture away. Others have multiple points. These press the blade along its length equally onto the glass. However they can be more expensive and tricky to replace.

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