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Trico Blades – When To Replace Them

September 23, 2019

Wiper blades are one of those items on a car that we don’t think to worry about until we need them. Straight out of the factory they’re supple, flexible, and ready to scrub water and dirt from your chariot’s windscreen and rear window.

But, just like the paint and tyres, they’re exposed to the elements, and can, over time, be affected in just the same way. So when to replace?

It’s a little bit of an open ended question, as part of the answer lies in how they’ve been used and maintained. There may even be how the car is stored to consider, as in whether the car is garaged or left in the driveway.

Part of why blades should be changed is to do with their physical contact across the glass. General usage can see the blade’s edge wear and feather, plus unseen and seen dirt can work its way into the blade and the glass.

However, if a car is maintained and garaged, that wear and tear rate can be reduced, extending the life of the blades.

Under normal, general, usage it’s recommended to change the blades anywhere between six and twelve months. This simply ensures that the compound in the blades is fresh, and, importantly, flexible enough to work at maximum efficiency.

Again, this recommended timeline can vary depending on how your car is stored, how often your wipers are used, and in what sort of driving environment the vehicle is used in.

Trico can be contacted here: if you require general advice and information.

If you have changed wiper blades recently, we’d love to hear how long it’s been since you did your last change. Let us know via a feedback section.