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Trico Blades and Vision.

August 07, 2019

There are certain things that are made to go together. Peter Brock and Holden. Pies and tomato sauce. Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1. Trico Vision and Trico blades.


Yes, that’s right. Companies such as Trico make complementary products that when used together actually work better than when used on their own.

Trico Vision Washer Additive is the first half of this equation. It has an ammonia free formulation, which reduces harmful odours and drastically reduces the chances of paintwork damage if spillage occurs.

It’s superb at removing road grime that accumulates from every day usage. Dust, rain and dirt spots, condensation residue, and bug splatter are all at Trico Vision’s mercy. It’s a concentrated formula too, which means it’s cost efficient. But more importantly, the formulation is made to improve the cleaning factor of Trico wiper blades AND extend the life of the blades as well.

Trico Vision Washer Additive helps keep the Trico wiper blade range supple. This is crucial in minimizing scraping on a windscreen from dried out blades, and also reduces the amount of embedded dirt and dust that can be caught in dried out rubber blades.

Some blades have a form of wax to help them move across the windscreen. Trico blades have minimal waxes, meaning less smearing and used with Trico vision, ensures that if there are any waxes on the blades then they’re cleaned and not smeared.

Used together properly and Trico Vision and Trico blades are more efficient together in ensuring your car’s windscreen is clean and diffraction free.

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