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Trico New Car Tech.

February 13, 2020

In the automotive arena new technology that can be applied is now more in the electrical part of a car. Powered windows, heated seats, digital audio broadcast tuners, USB ports are a case of “been there, done that”.

So where does that leave car makers in regards to attracting buyers to something new? Hybrid technology is increasing in regards to a car’s engine package, with more and more cars from makers becoming available as a hybrid option. In the mainstream market, Toyota could be said to be the leader, with their Corolla, RAV4, and now C-HR vehicles all offering a hybrid option. Their luxury arm, Lexus, has some hybrids as well.

Mercedes-Benz is now offering hybrid technology however they also going a little bit further, or should that be bigger, inside the cabin. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is also upsizing inside, and what we’re talking about here is the size of the infotainment screens.

Mercedes have stitched together two screens to make what appears to be one massive ultra-wide profile screen approaching 24 inches. The Mach-E opts for a portrait oriented screen, and this is big too, at 15 inches.

But along comes China based Byton. This relatively new maker is going even bigger, with a 48 inch wide screen occupying most of the real estate on the car’s upper dashboard. Designed to be able to still show vision to passengers, but not the driver, when under way, the screen will show weather information, news, videos, and provide access to high definition quality digital radio.

HUD or Head Up Display have been seen in cars for some time now. But they’ve been kept at a small size, of just a couple or a few inches. It appears that these are also now looking to increase in size. What this potentially allows for better information supply and even a form of augmented reality to assist even further.

One area of visibility that also looks to have an increased presence is the 360 degree camera view. Found in a few cars already, this cool looking piece of tech takes views from smartly hidden cameras placed strategically around a car and stitches these to provide what the name suggests. The dashboard display screen shows a top down or bird’s eye view look of a car and its surrounds. This is a handy thing for those that don’t have the innate spatial awareness ability and increasingly rely on information services such as this all-round visual cue system.

And underneath isn’t being forgotten either. Goodyear have unveiled something rather unique in regards to tyres. The “ReCharge” tyre is based on an idea of replenishing the tread itself with a biodegradeable product that replaces the sections that wear. The design and engineering of the tyre is said to allow a form of adaptability, meaning it will be more flexible when it comes to varying road conditions such as rain, snow, or dirt. However, at the moment it is a concept so production viability is yet to be confirmed.

We know our readers have great ideas when it comes to technology, so let us know what you’d like to see come along in the cars we’ll be driving in the next five to ten years.