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Trico Products Re-energizes Global Aftermarket Branding

January 03, 2011

(Rochester Hills, Michigan) – Trico Products today revealed an exciting new look for its entire line of wiper products targeted for the global Aftermarket. To boost sales throughout the wholesale and retail channels, TRICO® has unveiled new packaging designs; a bold, contemporary logo; refreshed materials; and a renewed promise: “Seeing You Through.”

TRICO Aftermarket wiper products now feature a branded, visual style that more accurately reflects the company’s dedication to ensuring maximum visibility for every driver’s “Moment of Truth.”  

“We understand that wipers are one of many important replacement parts on a vehicle,” said Kevin O’Dowd, Global Director of Marketing, Corporate Branding and Strategy for Trico Products. “We want to send this new brand message to assure service professionals and drivers that no matter the conditions, TRICO will give them visibility and confidence even at the most challenging driving moments.”

In the coming weeks, TRICO will introduce the re-energized look globally throughout the company’s sales and marketing channels in North America, South America, the European Union and Asia/Pacific. Every piece of TRICO Aftermarket communications will reflect the new visual style: website, packaging, advertising, promotions, sales support materials and in-store support materials.

“We are excited to collaborate on this global brand effort, as it will help protect our leadership position and especially strengthen our efforts within the automotive retail channel,” said Tim Trainor, General Manager, TRICO Products Pty Ltd, Australia.

While a new advertising campaign and updated packaging have already been launched, TRICO will demonstrate the full breadth of its rebranding campaign at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas this November.

“Drivers, installers and retailers all count on TRICO products for dependability and innovation at the point when they need it most,” said James E. Finley, President and CEO of TRICO Products. “Our new visual style demonstrates a single-minded focus on constantly evaluating market needs and delivering durable, technologically advanced products that work simply, easily and consistently when our customers need them.”

For over 90 years, Trico Products has been one of the world's largest manufacturers of wiper blade products and systems with major operations in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and the European Union. For more information on TRICO product lines, please contact Trico Products at 800-388-7426, or visit