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Trico Wiper Blades – Autobarn.

July 18, 2018

It’s a brand name that’s been part of the Australian automotive retail landscape since 1985. Born of a perceived need to combat what was seen as unwelcome advances by other aftermarket automotive retailers, a group of businessmen came together to found a specialist retailer. Of a number of choices for the new company name, one of the founding members, Garry Dumbrell says: “It was the one that was least disliked.” Thus came Autobarn.

The company moved to a franchise based setup in 1991 and expansion was rapid over the next decade. A couple of speedbumps in the form of supplier collapse and some hefty financial expenditure were overcome, plus extra expenditure on buying and integrating other companies into the Autobarn family helped to stabilize and grow before the company was bought by Metcash in 2012. The Burson Group is the current owner and has been since 2015.

Amongst the many suppliers to Autobarn is Trico. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of windscreen and wiper related products Trico has a naturally strong bond with Autobarn. With both companies having a strong and earnest focus on customer service, Autobarn’s policy of looking after its clientele extends to helping buyers of Trico products, such as wiper blades, get fitted to the right car every time.

A recent promotion by the two saw buyers of Trico blades having to share a picture of their new blades being installed to be in the running for some of Trico’s high end glass cleaning product, trico Vision Glass Cleaner. With Australia in the midst of one of the coldest winters seen, Trico’s glass cleaning products and Trico wiper blades are an ideal partnership to help drivers see their way around.

The partnership between two leading automotive aftermarket giants not only benefits their respective customers, it strengthens public perception that both are here to stay and that premium level products are easily accessible. Plus there’s the added benefit of the high level of customer service ensuring customers that are unsure can be looked after and have levels of services exceeding expectations.

What this also means for the growth of both is that future promotions are going to be welcomed by their respective clients due to the already high level of market penetration they have.

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