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Trico Wiper Blades –Damage To Wipers, Bad Weather.

June 18, 2018

Our police services are at breaking point when it comes to road safety. Areas such as distracted drivers, excess speed for the conditions, and the like, come under their scrutiny. However there’s an area that each and every driver can assist with and it’s surprisingly simple.

All cars are fitted with windscreen wipers. These are designed to do one job and that’s to remove anything from a windscreen that will obscure the driver’s vision. Rain, bugs, dirt, a wiper blade must cope with them all.

Like tires, wiper blades are made of rubber. And being a relatively thin strip of this malleable product, they can dry out and become brittle if not looked after. This can very easily lead to extra, unwanted, damage to the windscreen.

A clean window allows light in far more effectively and without what’s known as “scatter”. This means the rays of light are spread in all directions and unevenly. Consider driving home in the afternoon and having the sun directly ahead. A dirty windscreen will scatter the sunlight and make looking forward almost impossible. This is where the wiper blades become crucial; if activating the wiper mechanism, spraying the cleaning fluid onto the screen and using the wiper blades, results in a spreading of the dirt and muck, it’s a fair bet that the wiper blades are in quick need of changing.

In a rain storm the exact same result can happen. Tired, worn out, ineffective wiper blades will do little more than spread and smear surface material across the windscreen. There’s also the possibility of scratching the glass, and embedding dirt into those scratches.

Trico have the answer. Along with a specially formulated wiper fluid called Trico Vision, and a spray on glass cleaner version, there’s a comprehensive range of wipers to suit just about every application. First up an identification of the kind of wiper blade mount is required. Some mounts are a simple click and pull/push for the blade and with one pivot point. Others have a more solid backing, meaning there’s more chance of the blade staying on the screen from end to end at speed.

Trico Clear is an eight point mounted blade, with a central pivot attachment point. The rubber blade is UV stabilized for higher outdoor exposure life, and is coated in Trico’s exclusive High Glide for quieter and smoother motion across the screen. This comes available in a range of sizes from 305mm (12”) to 24 mm (24”) in length and is ideal for the highest quality upgrade. Trico Ultra is another option. Featuring a similar design, this comes in a six point mount design and is made of a high strength galvanized steel. Stainless steel inserts reduce flexing and help ensure the blade is on the screen for maximum effectiveness in all weather conditions.

If the car is an older, perhaps classic, design, Trico Fit Hybrid features a strong polymer shell housing a single blade mounted throughout the shell’s length. Intended for all weather usage it’s available in sizes from 400mm (16”) to a massive 700mm (28”).

All Trico products can be found on our website and there are tips and hints on how to check the blades, swap them over, and even find the right replacement for your car. Keep up to date by following us on social media and here on the blog.