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Trico Wiper Blades – What Do They Do

September 26, 2018

A good and simple saying is “Variety is the spice of life.” It’s true of so many aspects of our lives, and easily lends itself to the automotive industry. There are cars, buses, trucks, golf karts. Cars themselves are sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, have front or rear wheel or all wheel drive, seat three, four and more passengers.

All cars have one thing in common: a need for the right wiper blade for the right application. Or, if you will, “the right tool for the right job”. Trico offers a five model range when it comes to windscreen wipers and each has a specific application and design. And, like cars, there is a variance in sizes to suit the need.

Trico Clear

Trico Clear is the entry level blade and comes with a sturdy steel frame with eight lengths to choose from and have eight pressure points to ensure close contact on the glass. Being designed with wet weather in mind, Trico use a powder coating process to add longevity to the structure. Trico Clear blades are treated to allow for smooth passage across the glass and are available to replace standard fitment items.

Trico Ultra

Trico Ultra blades are designed to exceed the standards set by manufacturers. This means that their usage will be more than suitable for almost all environments as the frames are galvanized and then painted in high strength two-pack paint.  Clever engineering in the frame ensures minimal aerodynamic intrusion. There’s a slightly broader size range, starting at 11 inches and reaching out to a huge 24 inches in length.

Trico Exact FIt

Trico’s Exact Fit Hybrid range provides an alternative to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) design with a classy and stylish look. A lightweight yet strong polymer casing houses a single blade in a natural arch shape, covering a size range from 16 to 28 inches across a nine blade option list. The polymer cover helps guard against ultra-violet and environmental damage, such as bird droppings and dirt intrusion. A “hook arm” design ensures compatibility with existing hybrid fitment items and are a complete one stop fitment for the more modern vehicle.

Trico Tech

The Tech blade from Trico is a simple to look at yet technologically advanced design. A single blade is mounted in a sprung steel beam with a single mounting point. This enables a swift changeover whilst being strong enough to deal with aerodynamic forces generated at speed. An elegant frameless design helps with aesthetics, with a clean and low profile. Eleven sizes are available from 15 through to 28 inches. All blades come with a variety of fitment adaptors to help broaden model applications.

Trico Force

Trico’s Force blade is for the high performance element of driving. Tested to provide grip at velocities in excess of 220kph, the patented Vor-Tec Aerofoil shape ensures that the blade will stay in contact with the windscreen. A stiffened blade is treated with Trico’s proprietary HighGlide solution, allowing a clean, quick, and silent sweep across the glass, and ensuring maximum moisture removal. Twelve different sizes are available, from 14 inches through to 28 inches, and with a single mount pint, are designed for a quick and easy swap.

As one of the world’s largest wiper blade makers, Trico values your thoughts and feedback. Tell us what model you use, and how well it has worked for your driving conditions. Check out our other options such as the Teflon coated Trico NeoForm for modern cars. Keep in touch with us via our website and social media links.