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2018/2019 - Top Five Driving Roads Australia.

August 20, 2018

Along with owning a house, going on a great drive has to be one of the great Aussie dreams. But, much like the pub discussion over which sci-fi franchise is best or is AFL better than NRL, the best Australian roads to drive can be a subjective list. Here’s five, both classic and perhaps a surprise or two.

What’s without doubt, however, is the absolute need to ensure a car is prepared to a proper and safe level before leaving the driveway. That list can be extensive if the car isn’t one looked after, but if it is there’s a couple of basics. Tyres are crucial. Radiator fluid, oil, and two that are overlooked, wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid, need to be considered. That’s where Trico can assist. But first…

1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

Known for a combination of long sweeping corners, spectacular views, and holiday traffic, the Great Ocean Road, all 244 kilometres of it, is a walk up start. Commencing at Torquay, the home of the legendary Bells Beach surf classic, head west and passing the stunning Cape Otway lighthouse, taking in the remaining pillars of The Twelve Apostles, and terminating near the picturesque seaside town of Warrnambool, this is regarded as one of the world great drives.

2. Caves Road, Western Australia.

Western Australia is home to the world’s most isolated capital city, Perth, and a world renowned wine region in the south. Margaret River is truly one of the country’s loveliest areas and is a lazy three or so hour drive south of the city.

Caves Road runs north/south in the state’s far south west, between the historic seaside town of Busselton (with its kilometer long jetty) and the peaceful village ambience of Augusta. It provides easy access to the stunning coastline, the friendly towns, and of course, the fabulous wine region.

By now the driver would be thinking, well, if there’s all this to see, what can I do to make sure I see it? A first thought should be to clean the INSIDE of the windscreen. This is an area that suffers the effects of human breath, air-conditioning, and perhaps even cigarette smoking. A good clean with a chosen glass cleaner is a great start but on the other side?

Let’s presume the trip is undertaken in good weather, so although windscreen wipers should always be checked (speak to Trico for advice) Trico’s Windscreen Wiper Additive is available to clean and remove windscreen dirt and scum.

3. Brown Mountain, NSW.

Although short in distance, at between ten to fifteen kilometers in length, this is a road that will bring a knowing smile to those that have driven it. Located west of Australia’s cheese capital, Bega, Brown Mountain itself is the highest peak in the Monaro region at 1243 metres above sea level. There’s Cooma, the gateway to the northern snowfields, and the Snowy Mountain Highway that winds its way across the stark landscape, a drive in itself. There’s a sudden change from plains and cleared land to forest before the sharp descent to almost sea level down this tricky, tight, yet offering vast views east, road.

4. Border Range Loop, Queensland.

Picking one from Queensland is, like all other states and territories, a hard one. But perhaps for sheer value, the Border Range Loop drive, that takes in 530 kilometres of beautiful roads and views southwest of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is the choice.

This is one where Trico’s Windscreen Washer Additive will really pay off. Stretching over a recommended three day drive, a clean windscreen will showcase the road to the Queen Mary Falls near Killarney. There’s the ranges that are home to Mount Tamborine as well, a view not to be missed.

5. Uluru, The N.T.

Why this one? Simple. Who could pass up the opportunity to drive through Australia’s fabled outback towards The Red Heart of this magnificent area, and see the imposing monolithic red rock rising majestically out of the plains ahead. Stretch the view a little and there’s the incredible jumble of The Olgas, or Kata Tjuta, glowing various shades of red and orange, just forty kilometers further on from the wonder that is Uluru.

Trico offers a range of windscreen wipers and options to help drivers see their way clear. Our windscreen cleaner additive is especially formulated to lift dirt and grime away from the glass, and engineered to deal with Australia’s unique lifestyle.

Tell us your favourite driving road and let us know on our blog or by writing on our social media outlets.