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Wiper Systems

At TRICO, we make sure that every wiper system that goes to an assembly plant is designed, manufactured and tested to OE customer design specifications.

Wiper Blades

From traditional to beam style, TRICO manufactures a variety of wiper blades to support different vehicle lines and meet varying windshield specs, arm load requirements and weather conditions.

Wiper Arms

TRICO wiper arms are designed to meet the functional requirements and styling preferences of vehicle manufacturers. TRICO’s arms are manufactured with a variety of wiper heads to meet cost and weight targets of our customers.

Wiper Motors

TRICO offers a variety of conventional wiper blade motors, designed to optimize performance of the wiper system and maximize energy efficiency. Several new motor technologies are in their final stages of development.


TRICO linkages synchronize the wiper arms perfectly and are designed to optimize the performance of the blade.