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The experts in driving visibility

TRICO® is proud that our windscreen wiper products protect drivers on the road. As a leader in global windscreen wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO has always been the brand that offers superior wiper systems.

Designed and engineered with Original Equipment rigor and quality, our wiper products serve vehicle manufacturers, technicians and drivers everywhere. From conception to production and delivery, TRICO provides superior visibility solutions – from full wiper systems to wiper blades, arms, motors and linkages – making tomorrow safer for everyone on the road.

Over 100 Year History of Wiper Innovation

When a bicyclist and a National Roadster collided on a Buffalo, New York, street late one rainy night in 1917, it was an impact felt around the world. Although the cyclist was not seriously injured, the accident was enough to profoundly shake the driver of the car, Buffalo theatre owner J.R. Oishei. Vowing that such an accident should never happen again, Oishei was determined to improve the ability of drivers to see during bad weather.

The company Oishei formed, the Tri-Continental Corporation (later shortened to Tri-Co), introduced the first windscreen wiper, Rain Rubber, for the slotted, two-piece windscreens found on many of the popular automobiles of the time. Today, TRICO® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windscreen wiper systems, wiper blades and refills, with plants on five continents.

Manufacturing Excellence

TRICO's wiper industry leadership begins at our 81,000-square-foot Global Technology Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan – the most advanced of TRICO's development and test facilities around the globe. It is equipped with the latest in analytical testing used in a grueling regimen that puts wiper systems through harsher-than-real-world conditions for extended periods of time.

Our research and manufacturing capabilities include virtually every component of a windscreen wiper/washer system, creating in the process a worldwide powerhouse capable of designing and manufacturing solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow, today.

Commitment to Quality

TRICO® has built its strong reputation by combining an obsession with product performance and customer service with the ability to deliver on our commitment to quality. Our defect rate of less than 20 per million units puts us ahead of most others in the industry. This is reinforced by the certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems which will assist in further improving our customer satisfaction.

Environmental Commitment

As a world-class manufacturer of windscreen wiper systems, TRICO is not only committed to supplying the highest quality wiper products, but also to how our manufacturing processes impact our employees and the environment. We have developed several internal policies and annual goals to ensure that we always meet the highest standards.

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