Car Preparation For Winter

Winter, depending on perspective, brings rain in a fortunate or unfortunate circumstance. This makes the roads more slippery.

It’s said of Melbourne that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Head to the outback and there’s sunshine, sunshine, and perhaps sunshine. Go north, young man, and there’s heat with dry or heat with rain. It makes looking after your car a little tricky.

Winter is heading back our way and with the second lot of school holidays slap bang in the middle of it, a few small but important tips to help prepare your car for the oncoming cold weather can potentially make a difference. Winter, depending on perspective, brings rain in a fortunate or unfortunate circumstance. This makes the roads more slippery. However, statistically, winter isn’t the worth period but the crashes can be more severe.

Possibly the most under-appreciated part of a car is the four round bits at each corner. Tyres have compounds to aid grip, drainage channels to pump away water, and markings to alert when they’re getting close to the end of being safe. Local tyre centres can advise where the markings are in respect to your tyre’s lifespan. Don’t forget to check the tyre pressures too.

The windows, inside and out, collect dirt, dust, moisture and that evaporates, leaving a cloudy smear. If the car is used by a smoker, the results also coat the inside. Any good cleaning fluid and a new microfibre cloth will do the glass just fine. It’s here that Trico’s wiper blade range can assist outside up front, and also for any car with a rear wiper.

People mark events like birthdays, anniversaries, and more as a yearly event. Winter’s a great time to look at the kind of oil your car may need for the area it’s used in. Up in the Alpine region? Winter oil could be needed. Driving out of Darwin? A thicker kind of oil may be the engine’s lifesaver.

Eyeball the wiper fluid levels, as a low level at the wrong time could lead to a dirty windscreen just when you don’t need it. Have a look at the angle of the car on a flat surface. Is it leaning slightly, or are there noises that shouldn’t be there when you drive on uneven roads and go over speed bumps? Is there a clattering noise from the front when you turn corners?

Have a word to your friendly local mechanic so you can be winter safe on the roads.

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Published Jun 9, 2021
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