Wiper Blade Sizes

Wiper blades on cars can very easily be the same. And it’s more than fair to presume that they should be the same size due to the area of glass they have to work upon, and you’d be on the right path.

However some wiper blades and arm designs work with a larger blade on one side, generally the driver’s, and a smaller one for the passenger’s side. The idea is that the driver needs to see as clearly as possible what is straight ahead.

The main blade covers a larger area, rotating from the horizontal to a point just past the vertical, and with the outermost edge at a length that doesn’t, with the right blades, go over the edge of the trim moulding at the roof-line and the A-pillar’s side. It also tends to cover at least half, and sometimes more than half, of the screen.

Over on the other side, a smaller blade can complement the larger one, and because it needs to wipe away the section at the driver’s eyeline, it doesn’t need to be, in plenty of cases, the same length as the primary.

Absolutely, there are cars with a pair or even three blades that have the same length. However, to be more efficient and to maximize the “swept area”, the design of the wiper arms will suit having a larger, primary, blade that is swept via the arm across a certain coverage area and that secondary blade removes both the slight leftovers and just enough of the rest of the screen for better vision and without interfering in the path of the main arm.

Trico specializes in providing replacement and OEM style blades. Because it’s “what we do”, we’re always here to answer your questions on blades, sizes, types, and more.

Our contact section is your portal to get in touch and our experienced team can help you find the right blade or blades for your vehicle.

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Published Feb 10, 2021
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